How can I Download, Rip, Screen-Record, Save or Archive Music, Movies and Series from Online Streaming Services?

Instructions for Recording Music and Video Streams with the Screen Recorder

Streaming is the Latest Trend

Millions of users currently enjoy music from Spotify, movies from Amazon and series from Netflix, all of which arrives from the Internet in the form of streams. The process of downloading entertainment from the Internet and playing it at home or on a mobile device is also referred to as “streaming”. The title of this page lists many different terms that all describe one process, namely the ability to retain music, movies and episodes of TV shows as archived copies for your own personal use. This is only possible with a streaming recorder, a piece of Windows software that records and saves content from music and video streaming services. On this page, we will tell you about two tools you can use to do this and provide you with instructions on how to use them:

Music Streaming

A few years ago, online music shops were still a popular way of acquiring music from the Internet. Now, however, there are many different music streaming platforms on the market. The most well-known of these is Spotify, which also has the most users worldwide. Deezer and Google Music are currently competing for the remaining market share, while Amazon is also a major player in this arena.

Audials Tunebite Premium – the Windows Software Recorder for Music Streaming Services!

With Audials Tunebite Premium, you can record music from Spotify and Deezer at twice the speed. The streaming recorder records the music stream and automatically identifies individual songs, normalises the audio stream and saves each track together with the appropriate album art, lyrics and ID3 Tags with no loss in quality. The files can be saved onto the computer’s hard-drive or the cloud in MP3, AAC or WMA format. You can find instructions below on how to record from the main music services:

The download is free of charge and requires no registration. You take no risks. If not satisfied, you can uninstall Audials Tunebite Premium without a trace.

Windows PC Software

Download size: ca. 90 MB

Video Streaming

Not so long ago, movie fans had to go to the video store if they wanted to rent a movie. Now, video streaming allows users to watch the latest blockbusters and TV shows online. Whether it is free content from the media libraries of the regular TV channels, the online platforms of paid-for TV channels or one of the many video-on-demand services with monthly subscriptions, there are plenty of top-quality movies and series available for your entertainment.

Audials Moviebox – the Screen Video Recorder for Video Streaming Services!

In this smart Windows software, the best and most well-known online video libraries and video-on-demand services are already pre-configured with an Audials tile. You can record movies in HD and automatically record entire seasons episode-by-episode in the best possible quality in MP4, WMV and many other file formats. You can also add a professional touch to your personal video library by adding the DVD cover, tags and more additional information to your recordings semi-automatically. Instructions on how to record video streams from the main video platforms can be found here:

How can I record movies and series from Netflix?

The download is free of charge and requires no registration. You take no risks. If not satisfied, you can uninstall Audials Moviebox without a trace.

Windows PC Software

Download size: ca. 90 MB

List of other websites to record music

Apple iTunes, AccuRadio, AUPEO!, Broadjam, eMusic, Groove, Jango,, Live365, ReverbNation, Rhapsody, Rick Dees, Radio Tunes, Songza

List of other websites to record videos with screen recorder

ABC, American Idol, BBC, BET, BFM TV, Blinkx, Blockbuster, Bollywood Hungama, Break, Canal+, Cartoon Network, ChannelChooser, CinemaNow, CBC, Clevver, College Humor, Comedy Central, CNN, D17, DailyMotion, Disney, Discovery, E!Online, Ebaumsworld, Facebook, Fandango, FoodNetwork, FootyTube, FOX, Free Documentaries, Free TV, Gulli Replay, HDNet, History, InternetArchive, Internet Sites, Jump TV, Livestream, LiveLeak, Lynda, Metacafe, MLB, MSN, MTV, MYTF1, MeFeedia, National Geographic, NBC, Niconico, NFL, NHK World, NHL, Nick, OVGuide, USANetwork, PBS, Pandora, Rede Globo, RTVE, Spike, Syfy, TheBlaze, TeacherTube, Twitch, TNT, UltraViolet, Veoh, WWE, Wimp, Vimeo, Vube, Yahoo! Screen, Xfinity, Yahoo! Music